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Our Services

Our Group Reformer Classes

You’ll get to try out our 40+ fitness classes running 7 days a week. With the option of mixing and matching to create your own fitness itinerary, or sticking to the class you love, this is a fun way to feel in shape!


Beginners Reformer Pilates focuses on teaching the main foundation of Pilates. Guided by the 8 principles to ensure our clients get the utmost first hand experience for those who are just starting their journey.


Dynamic Reformer Pilates focuses more on your body awareness, understanding how you work and activate your core muscles efficiently. Combining the deliberate breathing patterns with a more step up in pace and intensity.


Are men fit enough to do Pilates? – The answer is a big yes! Mens Reformer Pilates class is specially designed with men in mind. Geared towards teaching the fundamentals of reformer pilates with efficient movement and corect breathing patterns using controlled exercises.

Our Group Mat-Based Classes

Enjoy our diverse mat-based classes in the centre. From Pilates to ballates, we've got your fitness needs covered!

Personal Training

Have you maximised your training? For those that haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a 1:1 Very Personal Pilates Training, find out what you are missing out on!

Have you maximised your training?

Your reasons might not be the same. You might simply be unsure about lateral breathing! Unsure of which muscles should be working. Suffering from chronic pain and struggling to regain full recovery!

By the 8th session, if not before, each one of you should have had that eureka moment when lateral breathing becomes second nature and you start to feel your core connection’!

Our Specialist Services

Enjoy top of the line specialised services from our registered professionals. Services includes sports taping, osteopathy, massage and reiki.


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