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Our Studio

Our boutique studio is designed to offer first class service

Envisioned to deliver the most exclusive Pilates-based personal training and specialised service-experience for the local community of South London. Centrally located in Streatham, just minutes away from Brixton Hill and easily accessible from  Hern Hill, Clapham Commons, Wandsworth, and Crioydon so we can be close to you and truly support you on the daily.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to offer high quality, affordable, specialised health and wellbeing services to everyone in the community. We offer hope and help to conquer body challenges, and develop and maintain fitness through a variety of services and activities – from Pilates to Zumba and healthy eating to couch-based treatments.

Our mission is to enhance the individual’s way of life and equip them with the fundamentals of Pilates. Pilates is a way and not a momentary practice. We will help the individual unlock their ‘Power House’ and get you feeling calmer, stronger, healthier, younger, in ‘mind and body’.

South London

109 Tierney Rd,
London SW2 4QH
Email: info@hopepilates.com
Phone: 020 3632 0096

The Hope Centre