Hope Pilates, established in 2010, has fully insured Register of Exercise Professionals recognized instructors around London

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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!

We’d love to answer your questions, but first, please do check out our different categories below. If your question isn’t here, feel free to message us at info@hopepilates.com.


At The Centre

Yes, parking is available along the Tierney Road. If the driveway is free, you can park there.

Category: At The Centre
Wear comfortable clothing such as a T-shirt with leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Shoes are not allowed on the machines but do wear clean socks.
Category: At The Centre
Hope Pilates has mats available to be used by customers.
Category: At The Centre
Yes, we do have wifi.
Category: At The Centre
Please contact us with a short proposal for space hire.
All questions will be answered within minimum 48hrs. For urgent bookings call us – 07828 102 979

Category: At The Centre

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Carissa Luis

Hope Pilates’ very own Carissa has the answer to your questions. She’s always happy to help in case you have queries about Hope Pilates’ policies. Send us a quick email, and she’ll give you a reply as soon as she can.


As Hope Pilates’ COO, Carissa is in charge of the centre’s workflow. She manages the system and updates the procedures to make sure that everything runs smoothly.