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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page!

We’d love to answer your questions, but first, please do check out our different categories below. If your question isn’t here, feel free to message us at info@hopepilates.com.



In such cases that the client has purchased a bundle package, early cancelation can be rolled over to the following week. If you have purchased a package with consecutive sessions or any discount deals, cancellations are final with no refund. Classes canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice are treated as ‘late cancels’ and remain chargeable in full for drop-in or discounted classes. Missed classes are treated in the same way as late cancels.

Groupon customers cannot get a refund for a canceled class.
Category: Booking
If paid consultation, you’ll initially have a postural assessment, through movement we’ll be able to identify your alignment issues, imbalances and provide your specific work out plan.
Category: Booking
We recommend you take 1;1 class at least once, so you can understand your body and know what you need to work on. Whether in a group or privately, you are here to get 100% better results for yourself!
Category: Booking
Each scenario is different. If you are on medication, injured, pregnant or need the GP’s all clear for any other reason, it is highly recommended you request a FREE phone consultation before booking.
Category: Booking
Sure. We do Duo or Trio sessions too. You can have a tailored class at a time that suits you all. The class will be priced accordingly. However, not everyone’s needs are the same, session shared might result in a lack of individual benefits.
Category: Booking
To Book your Classes, please do the following.
1. Go to www.hopepilates.com/wordpress/timetable.
2. Select the class that you’ll like to book.
3.  If you are a new customer, you can fill up your details or SIGN UP.
If you do have an account with Hope Pilates, please click SIGN IN.
4. Review the class details, terms and conditions, PARQ forms and subscription options.
5. Once done, please click “I agree..” and confirm your booking. That’s it!
Category: Booking
1. To access your account, please go SIGN IN.
2. Please enter your email address associated with your account and password and click Sign In.
3. You are now inside the Customer Area. You can do the following

Manage your Classes
Manage your Prepaid Packages
Manage your Membership
Manage your Profile account.
If you are an existing client, your prepaid packages will automatically applied to your account.

Category: Booking
To Existing Clients with Packages
Your details will automatically be imported to our new booking system. You just have to reset your password to gain access to your account.
Once done, you will have access to your Account. Your existing credits will be added to your new account and you can proceed to BOOK your classes.
Should you have any problems, feel free to contact us at info@hopepilates.com.
Category: Booking
For the month of January, we are opening the new booking system. You have the option to continue using the old system until end of January, Book normally as you would. Rest assured your bookings are mirrored within the new booking system.

Otherwise, all your information have been imported to the new booking system.Since your financial information is secured and encrypted as a safety feature, we have to request all members to re-enter their card details again upon purchasing the equivalent membership on the new booking system.

Please send us an email if you opt to book your classes on the new system. Please do the following steps:
Reset your password. 
If you have already been charged for the month of January, we will provide equivalent credits to book your classes.
1 Week before your monthly renewal date for February, we will send out the first reminder for you to purchase the equivalent membership on the new system.
On your renewal date, you need to purchase the membership within the day. You will have to put in your card details again.
This process will only be done once.

Coming February 2019. All Hope Pilates clients are expected to use the new system.

How to Reset my password?
How can I access my account ?
How can I purchase membership ?
How can I book classes?
I have a Legacy Membership and it’s not listed in the new system, what do I do ?

Should you have any questions, feel free to message us at info@hopepilates.com and we’d be very happy to assist you.
Category: Booking
Since we will be transferring to a new booking system, all legacy membership will be transferred to SIX Reformer Sessions membership plus additional of two extra classes which will be credited automatically. A total of 8 sessions will be credited per month.

For more information, please do check our updated t&c for 2019. Should you have any questions, feel free to message us at info@hopepilates.com.
Category: Booking

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Carissa Luis

Hope Pilates’ very own Carissa has the answer to your questions. She’s always happy to help in case you have queries about Hope Pilates’ policies. Send us a quick email, and she’ll give you a reply as soon as she can.


As Hope Pilates’ COO, Carissa is in charge of the centre’s workflow. She manages the system and updates the procedures to make sure that everything runs smoothly.