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Moshood B. Ajani Podiatry Consultant

South London Foot Clinic was founded in 2001 by Moshood B Ajani a Sate registered Podiatrist holder of BTEC Diploma in Health Sciences Studies and BSC Hon in Podiatric Medicine. University of Southampton UK.

Mr Ajani has worked over the last 13 years as a senior podiatrist with various British National Health Service (NHS) Trust, Health Centres and General Practice including, Lambeth, Brent. Cambridge, Central London and City of Westminster Primary Care (PCT) Trust.

Mr Ajani’s strong passion for promoting good foot health for all has lead him to establish south London family foot care clinic.

Advice and Services

Lower Limb and foot pain for example ankle sprains and heel pain.

Treatment of the medically high risk foot (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and neurovascular disease).

Children Foots Health Screening

Gait Analysis/biomechanics and sports injuries of the foot and ankle

Orthotics/Insole Provision

Low Level laser Therapy

Electro-Surgery for corn removal

Foot health Promotion

Nail surgery for in growing toe nail and podiatry surgery for bunion and toe straightening.

About Foot

The foot (composed of 26/28 bones) has the principal function to serve as a base supporting the body in stance and a lever in locomotion, it is the final component of the entire neurovascular and musculoskeletal system which support and move the body.


Ageing, poor footwear, hereditary factors and disease processes such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and neurovascular impairment can lead to a more specific conditions such as bunion, fallen arch, plantar fasciitis, loss of sensation in the feet, and ulcer or sore of the leg and foot


Poor footwear, in addition to corn and callous can create pain and discomfort in the muscles and joints of the foot, ankle, and leg. May also aggravate arthritis of the hips, knees. ankles and toes and contribute to lower back pain,


These foot disorders which are of major concern may be helped by podiatrist.

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