Hope Pilates, established in 2010, has fully insured Register of Exercise Professionals recognized instructors around London

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About Us

For your Fitness, Health and Well-Being

Hope Pilates Centre is the only community-based fitness boutique studio in South London with focus on Pilates-oriented services and classes. Established in 2010, we have fully-insured Registered Exercise Professionals as instructors from around London. We are committed to put emphasis on excellent service, customised fitness routine and program, and effective professionals to ensure your well being.


With experiences in different practices in the field of mind-body fitness, Hope Pilates ensures that clients grow not only physically. Through the different programs, clients can develop their mindfulness and confidence. Overall, the different training regimen improves holistic well-being.


Hope Pilates operates on a structured fitness plan. To stay on top, our instructors continue to improve and organise the classes for a better experience. Whether its group or personal classes, clients are in for a systematic approach to wellness.


At Hope Pilates, our instructors make sure to cater to the particular fitness needs of our clients. More importantly, they are considered as part of our growing family. For that reason, clients from different walks of life are provided with personalised care to improve their quality of life.


Nearing 10 years of excellence, Hope Pilates has handled numerous clients who have adapted to a pain-free life. As a testament to that, our clients continue to attend our different programs. As new clients join our growing family, we make sure that they develop holistically through an organised and personalised program.


What clients are saying about Hope Pilates


I’ve had 2 back operations & nobody would have thought I would be able to do a marathon. Pilates with Mehret got me to a point where my core muscles were so strong I effectively had no pain at all when running and I have recently done my third marathon – Where is was trying to do a sub 3 hour marathon. Doing all my Pilates sessions with Mehret all throughout the 15 weeks marathon preparation not only kept my lower back pain free but improved my legs and glutes strength, flexibility and breathing which in turn helped my running overall. The result: NO injuries, 2.58 in the London Marathon. I am now a massive advocate of Pilates for runners. Gracias Mehret!!

Gonzalo Villanueva Marathon Runner


Mehret was very knowledgeable and professional. I felt she really knows the body and exactly what areas I needed to strengthen. I felt very relaxed and confident in her treatment of me and encouraged that my frozen shoulder will improve. She was calm and pleasant and it was an enjoyable session. The equipment was really good. The Groupon price of £38 for five sessions was incredible, they are usually worth £30 each. She was so good though that I will carry on using her at the normal price of £30 a time when I’ve done my five Groupon sessions. The session was more specific to my needs, more thorough and more care was taken that I was doing the moves right, than any physiotherapy or osteophath session I’ve had, which would be £45-£60. And Hope Pilates is five minutes from my flat. I am very pleased.

Emma B. Client


Mehret’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates is impressive. Through the work I do with her, I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do. She accepts all the difficulties people present with calm confidence, altering exercises for individuals as appropriate. No one is left to struggle, and most importantly, I feel safe in her hands. I would, with no hesitation, recommend Mehret’s classes to anyone looking to benefit from them in the same way as I have.

Fernanda Client

Meet Our Team

Internationally-certified instructors in Hope Pilates have years of relevant experience in several practices, such as fitness, dance, physical therapy, sports medicine, kinesiology and rehabilitation. It is the lifelong commitment of Hope Pilates to continue in being the best in the field of mind-body fitness.

Founder. Mat and Reformer Pilates, Yoga, specialises in footwork and WRULDs injuries

Founder, Pilates Specialist, Footwork, Injury Recovery Pregnancy Sports Therapist and Author.

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