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Hope Pilates Guidelines for COVID-19


In these difficult times, surrounded by constantly changing COVID-19 virus updates, we would like to reassure you all on the steps we are taking to keep us all, members, clients and staff safe, in line with current Government guidelines. As we continue to run our studio as scheduled and we do not anticipate any disruption at the moment.

Ensure that all usual surface area are sanitised regularly.

All door handles, knobs and hard surfaces are wiped with antibacterial wipes regularly throughout the day.

All Hope Pilates Instructors are required to wear personal protective equipment.

Your instructor will be wearing surgical gloves during lessons and will ask each of you if you want physical contact for posture correction or not.

Non Slip Socks Policy will be strictly implemented.

We will strictly enforce our policy of wearing non-slip socks during class, both for safety and as an extra health precaution as advised.

The Hope Centre is sanistised and deep cleaned daily.

The Centre is thoroughly cleaned every morning by our trusted cleaner. We are stepping up our regular deep cleaning protocol. This is to ensure that we implement a very effective and safe antibacterial and antivirus treatment in our studio regularly.

All Hope Pilates staff are required to disinfect all training equipment.

All mats/ reformer machines are steamed at the beginning and end of the day and they are wiped with antibacterial wipes before and after every class.

To our clients, keep calm and cooperate!

We are trying our best to ensure that we impliment stricter guidelines for our staffs. It is now time to do your part. We ask you to please observe the following guidelines in keeping the Hope Cenre COVID-19 free.