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What can Pilates do for me?

Pilates creates a strong core by retraining the body to work efficiently with minimal effort and no tension. Both stamina and coordination are improved. The body comes in to perfect balance and alignment. As a result, the immune system is stimulated and the level of general health very often rises because the internal organs can now sit and function correctly.

Pilates stops rounding of the shoulders and poking our heads forward we must focus on Serratus Anterior and Lower Trapezius to hold our shoulders back and down. That will also help alleviate any pressure on the spine, and at the same time release any tension from around the neck and arms affected by pinching into the first rib.

Weak glutes leads to many problems. One of which would be the fact that majority of back pain complaints is related to the surrounding supporting muscles not engaging. In rehab cases, Physio’s recommend Pilates.

Moving down the body to the leg we would then need to mainly work on Vastus Medialis (one of the problematic area due to our sedentary way of life.

It is important to recognise that even though we may suffer one particular problem, whether it is in our spine, shoulder, neck, or legs, the body needs to be looked at as a whole.

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