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Mehret Hope is one of the UK’s leading experts in common orthopedic conditions, caused by and including pregnancy, sports injuries, JHS (Joint Hypermobility Disorder), Tennis Elbow, back, knee, hip, wrist and neck pains.

Having being diagnosed with Hypermobility, whilst also suffering from a work related  injury,  Mehret’s own firsthand experience of chronic pain has evolved my teaching methods to focus more on rehabilitation work and ‘real life’ mental and physical health problems.  Mehret qualified in CBT for Chronic Pain while working side by side with physiotherapists at Camden Physiotherapy and receiving mentoring from leading Hypermobility consultants and specialists.

Hope Pilates can help you get to the main source of the pain to give you back the mobility you once had and get you living PAIN FREE.

Start your rehabilitation with Hope Pilates today, using the Hope Pilates Pain Tool Kit. Ignoring pain symptoms doesn’t make it go away! You CAN heal and prevent further harm to your body. Take control of your body now and don’t let it disable you!

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