Hope Pilates, established in 2010, has fully insured Register of Exercise Professionals recognized instructors around London

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What 1:1 can do for you


We invested on specialist Pilates apparatus to enhance rehab experience and expand on our specialist Pilates services. By rehab I don’t just mean injuries. We deal with scoliosis, PGP, Hypermobility, Siatica, just to name a few!

We revealed our new spacious reformer studio in its fully revamped glory with a range of new apparatus to enhance your personal training experience during our summer party!

It is imperative you are aware of your posture and areas of your body you compensate on. Overuse/under usage of muscles is guaranteed in this sedentary, ageing population


When speaking to some clients, I sense that most had yet to still unlock the true potential Pilates gifts us with. Sure there is the social aspect, Reformer is great in group sessions as we have a great laugh and learn, and feel good. But, there is so much more to avail!

There have been many bodies restored and some are even weaning themselves off medication and working on CBT to completely restore ‘mind & body’.


Especially beneficial for those with disabilities or injuries that have exhausted the root of Chiropractors, Physio’s, Acupuncturists beforehand! The A4 picture exercises that Physio’s send people home with for ‘homework’ are most likely not correctly performed not to mention, breathing techniques are being ignored. The breathing irregularity or bracing in cases of chronic pain sufferers could unfold a whole set of problems on its own. It’s frustrating for me personally to see people, choosing quick fixes especially if they are aware about the endless Pilates benefits!

At Hope Pilates, we specialise in footwork, posture correctional work, Pregnancy, Injury and post op/cancer and so much more.


This term has referred to the active component to the stabilising system including deep/local muscles that provide segmental stability (eg transversus abdominis, lumbar, multifidus) and/or the superficial/global muscles (eg rectus abdominis, erector spinae) that enable trunk movement/torque generation and also assist in stability in more physically demanding tasks.

Have you maximised your training?

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a 1:1 Very Personal Pilates Training, find out what you are missing out on! Your reasons might not be the same. You might simply be unsure about lateral breathing! Unsure of which muscles should be working. Suffering from chronic pain and struggling to regain full recovery!’ By the 8th session, if not before, each one of you should have had that eureka moment when lateral breathing becomes second nature and you start to feel your core connection!

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