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Hatha Yoga

Developed in India thousands of years ago, yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise.

Yoga delivers many benefits to those who incorporate it into their everyday lives. While there are more than one hundred different types, or schools, of yoga, most sessions are typically comprised of breathing exercises, meditation, and assuming postures (sometimes called asana or poses) that stretch and flex various muscle groups.

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia. Aside from the array of physical benefits, one of the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person manage stress.

Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relieves chronic stress patterns, relaxes the mind, centers attention; and sharpens concentration.

Because there are so many different kinds of yoga practices, it is possible for anyone to start.

Yoga can be practiced to enhance overall health, to improve balance, to heal and prevent injuries and to strengthen muscles.


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