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3 Reasons why Pilates is simply better & safer than Yoga during pregnancy

Pilates is a revolutionary mind & body conditioning exercise programme that targets the muscles stabilizing the trunk, which also helps improve breathing & circulation. Pilates is simply perfect during pregnancy and you will feel like a whole new person after a session and here are just the top 3 reasons why:

Reason 1: Pilates ensures doming is avoided.

Pregnancy doming is hard or impossible to reverse and can lead to a host of problems and pains. Regular abdominal exercises can INCREASE the possibility of doming, whereas Pilates significantly reduces the risk of it.

Reason 2: Pilates is Safer Than Yoga.

‘Breathe deeply’, is a concept that has been taught by Yoga for many centuries. It leads to a state of drowsiness, mistaken for meditative state. Shortage of CO2 in the body reduces cellular uptake of O2 in the bloodstream traveling to the brain, muscles and the developing fetus.

Reason 3: Pilates can help Reduce Pregnancy-Relate Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

(Formerly known as SPD) – The symptoms can occur any time during pregnancy, REPs sometimes weeks or months after giving birth.

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